Saitama May 13, 2022 Tokenomics & SaitaMask Update | AMA Recap

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During an AMA with COO Russ, what’s coming for Saitama was covered highlighting a new updated version to SaitaMask and Tokenomics

V2 Migration was confirmed by Russ and set for May 30, 2022.

Liquidity et to unlock on May 30th, 2022

Saitama dev team has been quietly working on migration to vs for week

12-hour HALT on all trading platforms for V2 migration (to occur closer to V2 migration)

V2 Saitama

100 Billion Circulating Supply

Currently, 57% burnt, and will carry over to V2; 43 Billion will be new circulating supply

V2 tokenomics don’t take into effect with airdropped tokens, comes directly from the deployer wallet

New v2 Saitama contract address to be announced (DONT BUY FROM CONTRACTS CLAIMING TO BE NEW V2 TOKENS)

V2 Proposed Tokenomics (5% Total Tax)

1.25% Burn

1.75 Funding

1% Distribution

1% Liquidity


Per Gabe, “3 new games in the works for Wolfcaster”

No More “inu” in name with V2 Migration

SaitaPro to be the new name for Saitamask; beta next month with LuckyRoo possible

1st week of June 2022, CEX name in India coming, awaiting Trademark

Major Focus on V2 Migration

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