Saitama Launches SaitaPro | August 2022

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What is SaitaPro?

Saitama has launched its new app SaitaPRO which is available on desktop, android, and iOS. The app comes with multiple features and brings holders into its ecosystem. Here’s what you can do on the app:

  • Host your own non-custodial wallet, meaning your assets are decentralized and belong to you
  • Transfer cryptocurrencies to friends and family
  • Transfer to multiple recipients and cut fees with bulk transfers
  • Purchase crypto using your credit and debit cards
  • Access to SaitaSwap ( buy and sell tokens )
  • Connect Defi apps using their Dapp browser
  • Access to FANG ( NFT art community for creators and buyers )
  • Play games to earn tokens
  • Access to their global community where you can gain and share knowledge on finance and education
  • Multi-language support: Egnlish, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian & Turkish
  • View and manage your ERC-20 & BSC tokens
  • Multi-level security and native biometric reading
  • Staking and yield farming

SaitaPRO Preview

SaitaSwap Preview

Staking Saitama