Is Ridge A Safe Crypto Investment? Certik Audit Reveals Security Assessment

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Ridge is in the middle – between two great tokens, Saitama and then Shinja followed after us.

We have 0 critical issues and 2 major issues that are related to us having ownership of the contract (which many major tokens have) this means that we still keep the ownership of the contract, to be able to reduce buy and sell tax later, list the token on big exchanges (whitelisting their wallets is required) – for example KuCoin needs the contract to have whitelisted their wallet.

The other issues are informational and almost all solved.

Our security score is 84% which is a huge success for us, compared to tokens listed around us with over 100 million market cap, Ridge still sits around the 5 million market cap range, which is a great entry point.

We have activated a new wallet instead of the funds being kept into the deployer wallet, which is secured on a linux machine and accessible only by the core team members. This is the ridgeoperations.eth wallet and has a token reserve for marketing, CEX & DEX listing and other operations such as paying ambassadors and long term team members (listed on our website, not in the core team – with a lock date of more than 1 year from the payment issuing).

Stay tuned for more updates!

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