Crypto Meets AI With Vechain Looking Into OpenAI Exploration | April 2023 

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VeChain to Expand into AI Realm Through OpenAI Exploration

VeChain is involved in several development initiatives and projects. The recent announcement of “The HiVe” event has attracted attention from the Web3 community.

The team has been regularly providing updates on their ongoing developments throughout 2023, and they have multiple upcoming projects in progress. On March 6, 2023, they released a new whitepaper and revealed details about the new VET 3.0 protocol.

In one of their latest announcements, the team has also unveiled the details of their new web3-as-a-service platform, the VORJ. According to the latest details, the team is all set to explore the AI industry while exploring OpenAI to implement human-readable decoded contracts.

VeChain to jump on the AI trend

Artificial intelligence has been gaining popularity ever since the ChatGPT hype. Now, VeChain has reportedly planned to jump on the bandwagon. According to the details from the Twitter account of VeChain Energy, the developers are exploring OpenAI just like others.

The initial implementation, according to the tweet, will be a human-readable description of decoded contracts. They have also asked the community to pool their thoughts by joining their Discord for discussions.

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