Bitgert VS Solana | Which Blockchain Will Solve Scalability In Future Crypto Transaction Per Seconds | Best Long Term Project In 2022

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The launched Bitgert chain has already surpassed the Solana speed after reaching 100k TPS.

Bitgert (BRISE) hype in the crypto industry has grown fast in 2022. In fact, the crypto community is saying that Bitgert might be the best cryptocurrency this year because of the numerous development this project is undertaking in 2022.

Will Bitgert become the Solana killer? Well, this is what the crypto community has been saying. There are many developments that Bitgert is working on that will make it a better blockchain project than Solana. Read more below:


The Bitgert project has been developing fast, and the most exciting thing is the pace at which the team is launching products. In fact, the Bitgert team has already completed the milestones set on the first roadmap, which has ended with the launch of the Powerful BRC20 blockchain. The blockchain is the product that has shown that Bitgert might be the Solana Killer.

The launched Bitgert chain has already surpassed the Solana speed after reaching 100k TPS, but the most exciting thing is the gas fee and the projects on the chain. These are major areas making Bitgert overtake Solana as the best blockchain and eventually kill it.

With the lowest gas fee and the fastest chain, the Bitgert blockchain is already superior to Solana. The Bitgert chain is launching 100+ projects every month, with over 10 projects already launched in the past few days. Therefore, in a few months’ time, Bitgert will also overtake Solana projects. But the mass adoption of the Bitgert chain due to its lowest gas fee and faster chain speed is what will kill Solana.


There has been a growing demand for the Centcex project over the past few weeks. This is seen from the fast-growing Centcex price and also the marketcap. One of the things that stands out about the Centcex project is the fast roadmap delivery, which has been liked to the Bitgert development pace.

But there is something unique and attractive about the Centcex project that makes it stand out as a crypto investment. The team is building an unlimited number of products for the Centcex ecosystem. This is the biggest reason the crypto community is joining this project in thousands.

The Centcex project aims at rewarding investors by growing its token price multiple folds with its massive adoption. Centcex staking investors will be taking home huge profits due to huge products revenue. That’s why it is attracting a lot of investors.


On the Solana project, it is still one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies in the market, but the hype might start falling because of the likes of the Bitgert chain. The Solana blockchain is not the fastest chain in the industry after the Bitgert blockchain surpassed it in the past few weeks.

The Solana team has also been working on reducing the gas fee, but it might not reach the Bitgert zero gas fee. With the hundreds of projects coming on the Bitgert chain, the project has everything to beat Solana and become the best crypto project. Therefore, Solana has to beat the Bitgert BRC20 chain to remain competitive.


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