Saitama Wolf Pack Community Shows Support On Bitrue | Listing Going Live April 7, 2022

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After a Bitrue voting poll on which token they will support next. The Saitama community showed enough support winning the poll.


After successfully passing through our BTR Vote process,Saitama (SAITAMA) is coming to Bitrue today!

Saitama (SAITAMA): It is a medium for transactions and a monetary system on its own, with a smart coding that benefits loyal holders with rewards and protection from whales (big wallet holders) toxic actions.

Deposits for this coin (ERC20 Network Supported) have already been enabled, so if you are an existing holder of this coin you can ready for when trading starts on a USDT pair at 10:00 UTC on Apr 7. Withdrawals for this coin will be enabled approximately 24 hours after trading begins.

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