Saitama Price Predictions For Q1 of 2022: How High Can The Price Go After January 2022 Saitamask Wallet Release

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Saitama will be releasing its first product launch on January 8, 2022. They will be releasing a Crypto Wallet called Saitamask they will be a one stop shop for DEFI.

Saitama is up big today as crypto bulls eye its upcoming smart wallet launch

A number of news items have the Saitama (CCC:SAITAMA-USD) crypto up big today. Saitama price predictions are flying as the seemingly moon-bound token tempts crypto bulls.

So what is going on with Saitama today?

The community-driven token is in the stars currently amid a near-50% spike so far today. The token is likely seeing a boost from the upcoming release of its SaitaMask smart wallet. The official Saitama Twitter account is abuzz with anticipation for its pending release. Yesterday, it even pinned a SaitaMask release countdown, ticking down until its Jan. 8 launch.

SaitaMask is marketed as a revolutionary smart wallet that allows all levels of crypto investors to “be in control of their wealth.” The platform seeks to simplify the decentralized finance (DeFi) process, while offering a number of educational resources for investors. This would be the latest addition to the Saitama platform, which also highlights SaitaMaker, SaitaEdutainment and SaitaMarket.

Let’s see what the experts think about Saitama’s potential in the wake of today’s spike.

Saitama Price Predictions

  • With Saitama currently at $0.00000008212, Digital Coin Price believes Saitama will drop a zero before year end. The site has a 2022 price target of $0.00000011213 per token, and a 2024 prediction of $0.00000014991. 
  • Price Prediction has similar estimates for Saitama. The site also forecasts Saitama will drop a zero this year, with an average price target of $0.00000011. However, it is a bit more bullish on the crypto long term, with 2024 and 2025 forecasts of $0.00000022, and $0.00000032, respectively.
  • Coindex is bullish on Saitama in the short term. Its technical analysis estimates the token will nearly drop a zero within the next two weeks. It has a Jan. 17, 2022 price target of $ 0.0000000971. With that said, it doesn’t see this current trend lasting too much longer, with a Feb. 3 price target of $ 0.00000005.

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