Saitama Token V2 Contract Migration Guide & Tokenomics Fully Explained | May 30th, 2022

During the AMA COO Russ explained the new token migration, here’s what he said: In Short: V2 migration scheduled for May 30th,...
11 min read

Did BlackRock and Citadel Cause Terra’s Downfall? Cardano Creator Charles Hoskinson & Investors Speak Out After Price Drops Over 80%

Is It Over For Terra Luna and UST? Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson recently shared a message that alleges the cause of...
2 min read

Saitama Partners With Online Payment Gateway FinTech Company | May 2022

Saitama Crypto Token & Partnership The Saitama team has announced a new partnership with a Dubai based finch company called...
11 sec read

SaitaMask Pro Interface Preview Before Official Launch Release

Saitama COO Russ has announced a coming upgrade for the smart crypto wallet SaitaMask. The preview for the app is now...
10 sec read

Cronos Price Prediction With Qatar New 2022 FIFA World Cup Sponsorship becomes the official sponsor of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar Cronos (formerly has been placing themselves in...
1 min read