How Big Will The Bitgert Ecosystem Grow In 2022?

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Bitgert has been on the move to expand and grow its ecosystem. Bitgert’s startup studio program is reportedly going to add 100+ new projects.

Bitgert Startup Studio

One of the most significant developments that the Bitgert team did after launching the game-changing BRC20 blockchain is the launch of the Startup Studio. The Bitgert Startup Studio is one of the programs designed to bring an unlimited number of projects on the Brise chain.

Already, there are projects backed by Bitgert, and their presale is going on. Some like the Omniaverse have had great success in raising capital. Now the team is promising 100+ projects in the upcoming month. Read more about this program below.


The Bitgert Startup Studio might be the best thing that has ever happened on the Brise project. The program was designed by the Bitgert team with the objective of helping small businesses struggling to raise funds. The program mainly majors in Fintech projects, where promising projects can raise funds on the Bitgert chain by creating tokens that are sold on the chain.

The idea behind the Bitgert Startup Studio is to connect entrepreneurs and investors. Developers can find investors directly, without the need to go through the traditional banking system, where the chances of raising capital are almost next to zero. They just need to build a token, pair it with BRISE, and it is traded on the Bitgert chain. The Bitgert Startup Studio has projects already doing well in their presale.

The Bitgert team has announced that the program is bringing more projects in the upcoming month. The number has been put at 100+, which means more projects in the Bitgert ecosystem. Therefore, we can expect the Bitgert price to continue growing exponentially even in the upcoming month.


The Bitgert project take-off has already started, and now the crypto community is looking for is the next big thing. There are a lot of projects to look at, but the Centcex coin is increasingly growing popular with crypto investors. This can be seen from the massive price growth that Centcex coin has seen in recent weeks. For the past 30 days, the Centcex price has grown by 230%, as of this writing.

Centcex has been one of the cryptocurrencies that have been posting exponential growth when even the largest cryptocurrencies have been plummeting. This is because the number of new investors has been growing fast, and the consolidation level has been rising. That’s why both the price and the marketcap of the Centcex project have been rising fast.

The huge number of products coming on the Centcex ecosystem has been the reason Centcex is attracting investors. Seasoned crypto investors understand the benefits of such an ecosystem, including massive adoption and huge products revenue. Centcex might be the next Bitgert project.

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