Shiba Inu Vs Bitgert: Price Prediction For March 2022

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The Bitgert chain has been growing and is current at a $500 million dollar market cap with new products and programs coming.


The Bitgert team has also been launching more projects, products, and programs on the Brise chain.

The crypto market has been bearish for the past 7 days. The meltdown has seen many cryptocurrencies plummet, where even Bitcoin has been trading below $40k, even at the time of this writing. Shiba Inu is among the cryptocurrencies plunging, with a drop of 8% in the past 7 days.

But during the same period, Bitgert (BRISE) has been one of the cryptocurrencies that recorded impressive gains, with over 87% increase. This is a huge gain at a time when the crypto market has been melting down. But why is Bitgert doing so well? Well, read more below:


In the past few weeks, the Bitgert team launched one of the most disruptive products in the industry, which is its own blockchain. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is still gaining popularity worldwide and has been the reason the cryptocurrency is doing so well today. The BRC20 chain has eliminated the problem of the expensive gas fee on blockchain networks after successfully implementing the zero gas fee mechanism.

The Bitgert team has also been launching more projects, products, and programs on the Brise chain. The Bitgert Startup Studio is one of the programs that is already exciting to the crypto community. The Bitgert team is also about to launch the CEX in Q1 as it is currently LIVE in the beta stage. These are the developments that have made Bitgert post such an impressive performance.


With Bitgert coin doing so well in the market, investors need to look for the next big project. The Centcex crypto project has been exciting the crypto community and has also been bullish in the past few weeks. There are several things that make Centcex an attractive crypto investment, and one of them is the huge returns crypto investors will be getting from it.

The Centcex whitepaper and the information website says of a project building an ecosystem with the largest number of products. That’s what attracts the crypto community to Centcex. The huge number of products will increase network adoption, and the impact is a skyrocketing Centcex price. It also means that the Centcex staking reward will be increased by a huge margin.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is one of the cryptocurrencies that have been plummeting not just for the past week but also for most of 2022. Apart from the 8% drop in the past week, the Shiba token had dropped 27% in the past 30 days, as of this writing. That’s how badly the SHIB token has been doing in the market, and still, things were not looking good for the coin at the time of this writing.

The reason why Shiba Inu has been outperformed by Bitgert is the delivery of the products. The Bitgert team has delivered a lot of products despite being the younger project to Shiba Inu. The Bitgert chain and Bitgert exchange are just some of the products making Bitgert do well than Shiba. So the Shiba team will need to work on the project’s utility.

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