Golden State Mint 2022 Review | Investing In Gold, Silver, & Copper Coins & Bullion

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Its services are comprehensive. Silver, gold, and copper can be acquired directly from the mint, saving you time and money. Because of our bulk manufacture, we can offer our customers the best prices and the fastest deliveries. Whether you need to mint or invest, our company provides turn-key solutions.

A gold and silver mint and refinery have been operating for 40 years. GSMU provides complete confidence and reliability to help you meet all your requirements. Golden State Mint’s silver, gold, and copper products are brand new and delivered directly from the Mint. In public circulation (second hand) we do not sell secondary GSM products. We will give you fresh coins, rounds, and bars from your mint. The items we mine and deliver daily are both quick and affordable. You can shop online with us today in a safe environment.

Some gold categories empty:

Unfortunately, none of these categories have an inventory to choose from, although they are all displayed. Other have very few, while some have none at all. When you arrive at Golden State Mint, you may want to use your search to avoid some of your browsing, if you are wasting time.

Gold containers:

We offer a number of ways for you to preserve coins and gold bars you purchase along with purchasing precious metals. There are many items available for less than ten dollars per item, including coin pipes, velvet bags, bar capsules, display cases, and piping. The gold bars and coins are offered in various sizes to fit your collection.

No current gold pricing:

A real-time view of valuable metals is not available on their website. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium values are often monitored this way by some clients, so they can see if they’re always increasing or decreasing. Their decision to buy can be influenced by this. At the Golden State Mint, we want our clients to be educated.

Smaller inventory:

It will cost at least $900 for the Golden State Mint. Buying gold at this price is the best deal. If you’re in the gold market, plan on paying at least $1,000 here, but if they have other precious metals, it’s less expensive. There are fewer clients for you because your inventory is smaller than some others we saw.

Not much customer feedback:

Like us, you may view customer testimonials as an important factor in deciding if you wish to purchase from a given company. The website of Golden State Mint features testimonials, but them all rate five stars. I like that idea, but it’s obviously not helpful since the data has been filtered. There were fewer undisclosed comments from Golden State Mint, so it’s difficult to assess the overall satisfaction of customers. However, the Better Business Bureau grants a good rating to Golden State Mint.

Better choices elsewhere:

Accordingly, the Golden State Mint appears to be free of major defects or issues. However, our customers would not be recommended them for a long list of reasons. This site allows users to search for gold and other precious metals, but there is little feedback from buyers and low gold inventory. Try one of our better rated sites instead, and you’ll likely have greater success.

Themed Rounds

There are also a number of rounds geared toward specific audiences at the Mint. In its Silver Shield initiative, it offers AG-47 rounds as a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). In addition to the Don’t Treat Me round and the Freedom Girl round, this program also offers several other pieces that are politically charged.

Religion and patriotism are also themes. One of the Mint’s most popular rounds displays an image of Christ on the Cross. The September 11th issue and an issue honouring military members are also popular. In addition, the mint offers several holiday rounds, including Christmas, New Years, and Hanukkah. Several of them are coloured, giving them a festive look. As an ornament, they can even be hung with a hoop enclosed in plastic.

The Golden State Mint may have an option that appeals to you whether you are interested in religion and politics or if you want something unique. If you are growing your collection, don’t forget about their products.

Silver Shield Rounds from GSM:

Silver’s beauty comes from its multiplicity. The point is, whether it’s a sovereign mint silver coin collection, or a private mint or refinery silver round collection, buying silver from a collection is another chore, since it’s all about individual preferences, rather than investing in silver bucket coins or bars. How do you design? Is there anything that you simply must own that attracts you? The Golden State Mint understands that silver rings have a special attraction for collectors, so they try to create designs that will appeal to a variety of collectors. Silver Shield Collections have been produced since 2016 by Golden State Mint. With each new issue to the collection the facets and functions are unique, just as they are with many collections.

At the Golden State Mint, there are many circular designs to choose from. In its Silver Shield Collection, it offers diverse designs ranging from 1 oz to 5 oz in silver, gold, and copper. There is something for everyone in this line! Currently, there are silver shield rounds in 2 oz silver available for purchase.

From Golden State Mint’s Silver Shield Collection, each 2 oz Silver Freedom Standing Silver Shield Round in this list is based on the Freedom Standing Silver Shield round design. These designs aim to convey specific feelings on problematic themes in human society, both in the past and in the present. In addition to the 2 oz copper rounds, the Standing Freedom design can also be found on the 1 oz copper rounds of the Golden State Mint.

Often, only logic stands between humanity and complete annihilation when terror takes over the planet. The Lady Virtue design is meant to symbolize logical strength to conquer fear, impulsive choices, and lack. Golden State Mint’s technique provides valuable silver picking. Figures such as Standing Freedom artwork will be available with the original production until all are sold out.

The Gold-Buying Process:

A real gold bar can easily be purchased online. Check out gold bar products on reputable retail websites such as the Golden State Mint. You can choose what gold bars you want to buy, the quantity and the price. Larger amounts of gold are usually discounted by online gold dealers. While some shops offer discounts for using loans cards, others use wire transfers as the most economical method of payment.

Make sure that the gold bars are kept in a safe deposit box or in a safe house. There is also the option of offering gold bars. Buying gold on the auction website requires evaluating the feedback left by the seller. If a seller with negative feedback has failed to deliver and is unable to deliver, do not buy their products. A Gold-to-Go ATM can be found in cities such as Las Vegas and Dubai if you prefer to purchase gold bars. ATMs sell precious metals far beyond and beyond the price many other dealers offer.

With that said, consumers should be informed about the spot price of gold. A pure gold investment-quality object must contain at least 99,5% (995). Usually silver or copper alloys are used for the others, which allow smelting. If you buy Gold Bullion as an investment, you should choose the bar with the producer’s name, weight, and purity, not a bar with 99.99% purity. Gold bars are produced by the Golden State Mint.

Gold investments have varying degrees of value, regardless of its pure form. Some investors may prefer to avoid gold coins from an investment perspective if they want to invest in a product that monitors the gold price. Their numismatic value resulted in higher prices due to attractive designs, historical value and a lower gold content.

How Does Buying from Golden state mint Work?

You can begin checking out as soon as you arrive. The Golden State mint products are arranged in tabs at the top of your homepage, indicated by a timer in the upper right hand corner. Add the item to your cart by clicking on the product and entering the amount. After shopping again or checking out, you can return. In Golden State mint, the price is kept for approximately ten minutes after the price ends. Please provide your full name, mailing address, and credit card information to complete the checkout process. Once you have completed the check-out process, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

How do you sell your mint to Golden State?

If you like to sell to Golden State Mint, you may follow these simple procedures below:

  • Call them at 800-1865 for their representatives during business hours to acquire a purchase pricing.
  • Locate the pricing by confirming your order if you accept the quote.
  • Check your email for your order and follow further shipping instructions.
  • Send your order to the mint of state Golden.
  • After careful inspection of your product, Money Metals Exchange sends you your money.
  • The weight and pureness on rounds and bars should be noted.
  • On the bars the name of the manufacturer must be marked.
  • Current, even uniform and clean metals should have a sellable appeal.

Storing your bullion with Golden state mint:

Depository services are offered by the Golden State Mint for customers desiring to store their precious metals away from home. Call Money Metals to open an account and ship your order as soon as possible. There is UL Class3 vaults used and Lloyds of London provides full insurance coverage for Golden State Mint accounts held at its depository. Your annual storage fee is based on your holding value and is charged every quarter. Money Metals Exchange should be contacted directly if your holdings exceed $3 million.

What the Company Does?

Gold, silver, and platinum are among the precious metals that the Golden State Mint provides to its clients for safekeeping. At our retail prices, we sell our precious metals to quality-guaranteed investors. Offering a range of options, from buying precious metal to creating an IRA, the organization offers a range of choices. There are also some options for purchasing gold and silver coins and bars that guarantee wealth security and quality.

We specialize in gold bullion from America, gold coins from Britain, and Chinese gold pandas. There are many silver monkeys in this collection, from silver maple to English coins to silver coins turned into monkeys in Africa, Australia and around the world. There are silver coins available. The same is true for platinum, so you can be sure you have a lot of choices.

Whenever necessary, the Company’s personnel can provide guidance and information about any gold or silver alternative in order to make the most informed purchasing decision possible. IRAs are also handled by the Golden State Mint. Assisting and guiding the employees of the company is essential. We sell precious metals, and that’s all that we do. The coins and bars of the company can be found here.

Gold Bars:

When you want to invest in actual gold, gold bars are a great option. The size, purity and gold content of the bars we deal with are diverse. Bullion bars made of gold. We can assure you that we have any gold mint bar you choose. A number of gold bars are available on the company’s website, such as the 1oz Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar, the Valcambi Gold Bar, the Fortuna Gold Bar, the Suisse Gold Bar, the Gold Bar, the Gold Bar in Perth Mint, and many others.

Silver Bars

In addition to silver bars of various weights, we also offer silver bars of 1°, 5oz, 10oz, kg, 100oz, and 1000oz. There are many private and public mints that produce silver bars. If you use our bars, you can be confident that they are of good quality and they are easily recognizable. Because silver in these bars is 999 metals pure, it is of exceptional purity. Additional information on the silver bars is available on the company’s website or by contacting them.

Other Precious Metals

In addition to gold, silver, and platinum, the corporation sells palladium. Among the coins and bars are round coins. As with other precious metals, palladium products make excellent investment alternatives. With SD Bullion, you’re guaranteed high-quality palladium from reputable mints. You can find more information about palladium’s offer at their official websites.

One of the most popular metals today is copper. The SD Bullion company offers copper bars and rounds. It is common for most people to think of silver when it comes to investing in precious metals, but copper is also a good choice. Our copper portfolio diversification options at SD Bullion are amazing. Please contact the Company if you would like more information about copper purchases.

Is Golden state mint a Scam?

It was questioned by people whether the company was trustworthy. People are not sure whether to trust the company or if it is a hoax. I can say, based on my investigation, that this company is not a scam. It supplies IRA-eligible precious metals. The company operates both locally and abroad in trusted and recognized mints. Through favourable reviews, the company has demonstrated its customers’ satisfaction with its services.