Gold Backed Cryptocurrency The Commission Token Plans To Enter The DeFi Space Releasing An Updated Roadmap For The Future Of The Project In 2022

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With the commission token expanding into the DeFi space, Saitama will benefit from from the tokenomics of the Commission project to build up their marketing and development wallet.

When Asset backed crypto? NOW.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 25, 2022 / The Commission Token (CMSN-USD) has released an updated roadmap outlining plans for entering the DeFi space as the first token to both have a Gold treasury contract. In addition The Commission will allow holders to stake for Pax Gold in the next 48 hours as well as Asset Backed, augmented reality based NFT’s coming in May, a revolutionary concept. “This week will mark a milestone in the history of Decentralized Finance” said Seth Weiser, strategist at The Commission Global LLC. “The commission, which launched on April 6th 2022, has already has achieved goals in 3 weeks which most companies in Blockchain or corporate, achieve in a year” said Weiser.

The first major milestone was CMSN’s agreement with Saitama (Saitmama-USD). This allows Saitama to benefit from the tokenomics of the Commission by having money flow daily into their marketing and development wallet. In return, The Commission will be able to utilize Saitama’s expertise, and leverage their world class team’s depth of experience in the world of DeFi, the future of finance. Using the tie-up with Saitama, it quickly became time for The Commission to develop an individual utility. Given the teams extensive experience in global commodity markets it was decided hard assets are the way go to. This idea has been not only well received by the community, it has been welcomed by more traditional investors as well. This week the commission will allow all all holders to stake their CMSN tokens and earn ROI in PAX GOLD, a novel idea in the space. The commission has now been approached by several other large tokens to develop a blended staking contract. This method of staking will cause tremendous demand for the already limited Commission token as the other projects will have to buy CMSN in order to stake for Gold. In addition, large private (accredited) investors and hedge funds will be investing directly into The Commissions Treasury, which gives the contract the asset backing of Gold. As per the commissions roadmap gold is just one asset The Commission will be investing in. Other hard assets, including tokenized land, other metals, Co2 credits and other Blockchain projects will all be a part of the Commissions treasury.

Why Gold?

Over the last few years a debate has developed regarding BTC -vs- GOLD. We see both sides of the coin, but frankly the debate is just wrong inherently. We strongly believe these two assets can and will be used symbiotically. The Commission views BTC/other large tokens as portable Gold. However, The CMSN also believes at the same time it is optimal to combine the hard asset of Gold with tokenization, and that is precisely what they are doing. The fact is history has shown that Gold is the asset of choice during times of inflation, war and fiat currency declines. This is precisely the current situation. By combining crypto and Gold, one receives the speculative leverage of The Commission Token, strengthened by the most prized historical asset: GOLD.

Over the next weeks and months, the commission will hold “Live Gold Liquidity Injection Events”, where holders will in real time be able to see money flowing into the commissions treasury contract, in a graphically unique way. The stated goal is to have over $100 Million USD in Gold in the treasury contract by the end of Q3. Each event will be accompanied with community participation, major marketing , and interviews with investors and major players in the gold and crypto space.

The commission is committed to helping those in need. As such we have already made our first donation to The Buried Alive Project and every week our community will be voting on a new charity in a Twitter Vote. All charities voted on must accept crypto as payment for maximum transparency to our community and investors.

“This is the first pitch of inning one for the Commission” said Weiser. As other tokens strive to find any actual use case, 99 percent have zero and will end up at zero, the Commission IS Gold. There are so many things in the short to medium term pipeline from multiple Tier One Exchange listings , to a Commodity Based Tokenized DEX to partnerships with major corporations. The Commission’s holders are in for some pleasant surprises that only two weeks ago seemed unattainable.

From a compliance perspective, the Commission has been speaking to and starting to retain only A+ lawyers only in the space. The Commission has and will abide with all current and new state and federal legislation. Lawyers on full retainer will be announced this week as well.

About The Commission:

The Commission is an ETH blockchain DeFi project that has developed a new and innovative marketing concept built around the direct participation of its community. There will be weekly trials where its members will vote and make a decree on the Saitamask “token of the week” (which will receive 1% of taxes to buy/burn their token), as well as votes to decide charitable donations, contest winners, and much more. Furthermore, 4% of The Commission’s overall tax structure will always go to funding Saitama’s marketing wallet, on top of the decreed Saitamask “token of the week’s” 1% buy & burn. This unique concept, in addition to an official partnership with Saitama, is truly what sets The Commission apart from all other communities and tokens. The Commission will provide two different opportunities for its holders to invest and obtain gold. One of the options will be to stake CMSN tokens, while the other will allow investing in The Commission PAXG Gold Treasury vault. Please see this new concept in our “staking” section below. Lastly, CMSN will be investing in other projects in return for gold as partial collateral. The contract of The Commission cannot be modified since it has been renounced, which provides greater security to investors. Holders are the basis of decision making for implementation of new marketing strategies ABOUT and platforms.

The key members of The Commission team are fully Doxxed to Saitama and some publicly. The Commission is committed to ultimate transparency.

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