Bitgert Launches Its Own Zero Gas Fee Blockchain Competing With Shiba Inu & Dogecoin In The Meme Economy Utility February 2022

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Bitgert has officially released their awaited blockchain into their ecosystem. Those looking for a low gas fee blockchain can now use the Biggert blockchain to make transaction with gas fees estimated to be on average $0.0000000000001.

February 11, 2022

Shiba Inu & Dogecoin

It is good news for the Bitgert crypto community as the team has just announced the launch of the widely anticipated blockchain. The Bitgert project now has its own blockchain, which the team had promised will be gasless. This development makes Bitgert is better than Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, which are some of the cryptocurrencies that do not have their own blockchains. Here is more about the Bitgert blockchain and developments in other cryptocurrencies:


The widely anticipated Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain has finally been launched. The Bitgert crypto community is excited about the latest update that the BRISE BRC20 blockchain mainnet has been successfully completed. Just like the team had promised, trading on the Bitgert blockchain will cost 0.000021, or $0.0000000000001 gas fee, which is a zero figure. In addition to that, the TPS of this blockchain is 100,000, making Bitgert faster than what Solana is offering today. The team has also announced that the testnet + mainnet beta version with a smart contract is going live on 15th February this year. Read more about the BRISE BRC20 blockchain on the Bitgert official Twitter Account.


With the competition of product delivery growing faster, the Centcex team has also been working on releasing more products on the network. The Centcex team has already made big moves to develop the first product for the network, a centralized exchange. From the latest news updates the team released, the user interface and database structure are now complete. The Centcex team has more products coming up. In fact, an unlimited number of products are being developed for the Centcex ecosystem.

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu development team is promising to offer one of the largest utilities by bringing multiple products to the Shiba ecosystem. But the team has not come clear on the blockchain development and if there is any progress being made. But there are a lot more products, including Shiberse, a metaverse product that is coming soon. The Doggy DAO is another product Shiba Inu is launching soon. However, the production of the Shiba products has been slow, which is why Bitgert is beating them.


Among the cryptocurrencies that have been beaten by Bitgert is Dogecoin. This is one of the cryptocurrencies that have been around for a long time but still don’t have their own blockchains. With the launch of the Bitgert blockchain, the network will become more powerful than Dogecoin. However, Dogecoin has been growing fast in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The Dogecoin coin was recently accepted by Tesla, one of the biggest companies. However, it is still slow in products development but still doing well.


The few cryptocurrencies have their own blockchains, and Bitcoin is one of them. This is the first blockchain in the crypto industry, but there has been very little progress in the development of more products. In fact, The Bitcoin team has released very few products since the network launched over a decade ago. That’s why Bitgert might be one of the biggest Bitcoin competitors in utility. With the launch of its own blockchain, Bitgert will be at almost the same level as Bitcoin.


The Ethereum crypto project is one of the biggest successes in the crypto market. By introducing the first smart contracts in the crypto industry, Ethereum enables developers to build and launch projects on the network. But the, Ethereum has been having problems with slow speed, security issues, and also poor decentralization. These are problems that will be fixed by the Ethereum upgrade that is ongoing. However, the Bitgert blockchain might be more powerful due to almost zero gas fees and high speed.

Binance Coin

The other cryptocurrency that is growing fast is the Binance coin. In the recent few years, the coin has been growing fast, but there has been slow progress in developing products. With the coming of more powerful products such as Bitgert, Binance coin might be getting tough competition. However, the Binance chain has been gaining popularity with developers and traders because of the cheaper and faster network. However, Bitgert is coming up fast and might be one of the toughest Binance competitors.

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